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Pardon/ Parole/ Commutation


Under Oklahoma law, a Pardon will not clear the conviction from your record. A Pardon restores your civil rights. It does not prevent your criminal record from being considered when decisions are made concerning employment or other matters. Even if you are granted a Pardon, your record may continue to affect you.

After receiving a Pardon, you may qualify for an expungement of your criminal record. An expungement clears your criminal record. Refer to Title 22 O.S. § 18 to review the requirements for expungement of your record. Please note: The Pardon and Parole Board is not involved in the expungement process and can provide no legal advice in the matter. You will need to seek independent legal advice on this matter.

The Governor of the State of Oklahoma may pardon only Oklahoma convictions. The Governor cannot pardon a federal criminal offense or an offense from another state.


Parole is the conditional release of an inmate from prison during which rules and conditions must be followed or the offender can be revoked and returned to prison to serve the remaining portion of the sentence.  Pursuant to Title 57, Section 332.7(B) of Oklahoma Statutes, for a crime committed after July 1, 1998, any person (except those convicted of 85% Crimes- see below) in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections shall be eligible for parole consideration after completing one-third (1/3) of his/her sentence.  If your loved one is up for parole, he/she will need an experienced attorney to advocate on his/her behalf before the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board.